Hyperbaric and Wound Care Management


A Company Built to Heal

WoundCareMD was created by Innovative Healing Systems, a conglomeration of the industry’s most revered wound care physicians and medical professionals. Beyond developing just another EHR solution, the founders of WoundCareMD have been on a passionate mission to bring wound care facilitators the most advanced cloud-based technology.

Powered to

  • Track patient care flawlessly
  • Meet meaningful use goals
  • Easily educate and enlighten
  • Seamlessly interface with hospital platforms
  • Grow with your growth

Why we are powered to heal

WoundCareMD gives you the tools to create a superior clinical pathway while maximizing your revenue. The highly intuitive software doesn’t just think with you, it thinks one step ahead of you. Progression patient tracking and a patient-centric dashboard gives your team the superior intelligence to manage the patient experience effortlessly. Most importantly, it provides a fail safe system to report benchmarks and healing outcome based on a “Pay for Performance” model.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere
  • Support desk maintained by seasoned professionals
  • Built on one platform by top wound care physicians for wound care physicians
  • Electronic patient education library
  • Data analytics and business tasking intelligence tools
  • Voice dictation friendly

Patient Navigator

Our Most Powerful Feature To Help You Heal

From the minute a patient enters your lobby, your team will have the tools needed to create a smooth patient pathway– from admission to discharge to billing. Every facet of care is tracked efficiently to eliminate error and optimize patient safety.

Key Features

  • Easy and patient-centric dashboard
  • Real time access to demographic, clinical data, lab results, patient
  • medical history Time-saving, electronic team messaging
  • Customizable workflows by provider/clinician
  • Protocol reminders
  • Embedded E&M coding advise based on documentation

Treatment Pathway

There are multiple factors in the path to healing. Every feature, every function and every bell and whistle in WoundCareMD is based on best clinical practices to create unparalleled patient satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration between nursing documentation and MD assessment
  • e-prescriptor - prescription writing, drug database, formulary linked to patient, access to RX reference tools, drug-drug interaction checking
  • Prioritized task list by user
  • On-screen flags to indicate patient visit status
  • Protocol reminders
  • Easy charting, nursing care plans, problem lists, progress notes
  • Customizable forms, letters and templates modifiable by practice

Patient Safety

With any wound care facility or hospital, patient safety is at the top of the list. The intrinsic safety features of WoundCareMD ensure that each patient’s treatment path integrates the most fail safe tools for overachieving in the areas of patient assessment, consulting and education.

Key Features

  • Medication verification
  • Real time access to patient medical history
  • Alerts for unfinished patient documentation
  • Reminders based on protocols and preventative health indicators
  • Electronic team messaging
  • Alerts for missing charting elements

Patient Education

Part of the healing process is having the tools to educate and enlighten not only patients, but also the professionals who treat them. Our EHR offers an extensive video library of materials accessible in real time, ready to print or email.

Key Features

  • Electronic patient education library allows direct access to pertinent educational references specific to the patients wound evaluation. This feature allows the patient to leave the clinic with appropriate educational material to assist them in getting informed and engaged in their healing process. The attending nurse simply prompts the designated material through the EHR and educational materials are printed and ready for the patients.

Dr. Ravi Patel

Dr. Ravindra Patel is a respected member of the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Association and the surgical community with over 25 years of practising experience. His credentials include four board certifications providing a comprehensive evidence based approach to wound care and hyperbaric medicine. For Dr. Ravi, healing is his primary passion and focus.

He says, "We must provide the medical means our patients deserve to expediently heal their wounds; our mandate is to investigate, examine, and apply the most advanced and scientifically proven means to positively impact out patient's lives."

Dr. Ravi invests in his team and sets expectations high and plans to over - achieve results. He's adept at promoting the highest standard of care while respecting the microeconomic and macroeconomic environment relating to hospitals, business, and patients. Dr. Ravi’s successful business acumen originates from his belief in a viable solution and his leadership and rapport is respected by patients and associates.

He has been instrumental in world-wide expansion of IHS Wound Care & Hyperbaric centers and his vision is now also being translated in this EHR.

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